These charming engraved wooden ornaments can be engraved with a name, date, or message of your choice--perhaps the name of a friend, a simple 'cheers,' or another sentiment you'd like to express about the year 2020. This ornament is modeled after a lovely bottle of red wine, engraved in red cedar--if you're a white wine fan, we have one of those too. Since these are made out of natural wood, the exact color and grain pattern will vary between ornaments. 



5" x 1.5"


**The Bees at the Beehive Workshop work very hard to get everyone their ornaments and gifts in time for the holidays. We highly recommend shopping before December 1st, as this will ensure that your goodies get on their way as soon as possible. One we hand them over to the Postal Service, it is out of our hands, and the speed at which it travels is not up to us!** 

Red Wine Bottle Ornament

  • Unfortunately, customized items cannot be returned, but if they are damaged or broken during the shipping process, we will send a replacement.