This wooden pizza peel is laser engraved with the adorable message "Love You More than Pizza" with little pizza hearts on either side.  We drew, designed, and laser engraved this in our shop as well as cleaning and applying food grade mineral oil. See below for care instructions.  

***You can choose to have a custom message or family name, just let us know in the comments below! ***


Blade Length    16 Inches
Handle Length    8 Inches
Overall Length    24 Inches
Blade Width    14 Inches

"Love You More than Pizza" engraved pizza peel - Or your Custom message

  • Care and Cleaning:
    Wood cutting boards and pizza peels should be kept clean and sanitized. After use, clean with soap and water and wipe dry. Do not immerse in water or put in the dishwasher. Regularly rub food quality mineral oil to renew the finish and keep from drying and cracking. Do not use olive oil or oils that can become rancid and allow bacteria to grow!

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