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Goldilocks calls this the "juuust right" sized cutting or serving board, being large enough to cut and serve on, and small enough to fit on your table amongst other things. Engraved with a message and design of your choice, is a favorite of ours, too. Or perhaps you'd like it engraved with a message to hang in just the right spot in your kitchen or dining room.  You can choose from one of the engraving styles shown in the pictures. The format of the names (The Chandlers vs. Vanessa & Ethan, vs. The Chandler Family) is entirely up to you. Want a custom message? We can do that!


Maple hard wood. Size 7" x 14" x 0.75".
Made in Canada

Medium Cutting Board with Handle 7"x14"

SKU: L07147
  • Display vs. Use

    It's important to note that the darkening that occurs from the burning of the woodgrain during the engraving process is not always permanent. If you use this board as a display piece, and only wash rarely, the letters will stay dark. If you use and wash your board regularly, the letters will become lighter, but the depth of the engraving will remain the same.

    Care & Cleaning

    Wood cutting boards and pizza paddles should be kept clean for food safety. We only use food-safe products on our boards after engraving. After use, clean with a mild soap and water and wipe dry with a towel. Do not soak, immerse in water or put it in the diswasher, please!
    If your board seems dry, rub food-grade mineral oil to renew the finish and keep from drying or cracking. Do not use olive oil or oril that can allow bacteria to grow.

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