**Please Note: this is a KIT, and requires your assembly!**


These Magical Winged Keys come in three different designs: Oval, Rosette, and X. They come in a variety of woods such as maple, cherry, or walnut and you may get any one of those woods, but if you buy three keys, we'll make sure you get one of each. They have engraved and etched acrylic wings; they're clear wings and the etched part is white. They're hand made in the USA with care. We just know yours will be the one to open the door in your search for a certain stone! ϟ


These kits are great because they ship flat, which both protects the little guys and saves on shipping. In your kit, you'll get the following:


One key of your specified design

One set of wings

One short piece of twine to reinforce the joint between wing and key

One long piece of twine to use for hanging.


Instructions for assembly are below!


**Estimated Turn Around Time: 3-5 business days. May increase with customization**

Kit for a Magical Flying Key - Winged Key

  • You may refer to the pictures in the product gallery!


    1. Using super glue or hot glue, put a little bit in the notch on the key. CAUTION: Be careful! Don't burn yoursel or glue yourself to your key, please!

    2. Hold together until it makes a secure adhesion.

    3. Wrap the little piece of twine around this joint and tie; cut off the extra.

    4. Use the long piece as a loop to hang. We recommend a bit of glue to hold this loop securely to the key. 

    5. Admire your excellent craftsmanship.

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