This charming wall hanging of Bilbo's famous round door from his under-hill home in Hobbiton. It's laser cut and engraved and then hand painted and assembled with extra care given to 'weathering' the door and making the brick pattern unique. There's even a gold door knob in the middle. It's 6" around and has a picture hanger on the back. You can also put it on a mini easel for table or mantle decorating. It's a fun and subtle way to show your love for the fantasy series and the lovely pastoral life of the hobbits. 

Since it's hand painted, colors may vary on the door and bricks. The sign warning folks to keep away unless you're there on party business (we are looking at you, Sackville-Bagginses) can be left off if you choose, just let us know! 

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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maple, paint, hardware


Height: 6 Inches; Width: 6 Inches


Handmade item

Craft: Carving & whittling, Engraving, Sculpture, Woodworking & carpentry

Framing: Unframed

Made to order


**Estimated Turn-Around Time: 5-7 business days. May increase with customization**

Bilbo's Door as a Handmade Wall Hanging - laser cut and hand painted wall decor


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