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English: Silly medal for this year's 5K event. Have fun and donate to Kiva!
Zombie: UuRrrrrRr grrRR gRR arraa rAaa ## RaaAA raaA raa srRR AHHhhH nuurg RrrRAaA!!

English: There are two to choose from this year, both have a black neck ribbon. The traditional round medal design, and a snazzy microphone design. Unfortunately, you have to choose one of them, but I believe in you. Please note that $1 for every medal sold will go towards giving a loan for the SYSK Kiva Team!
Zombie: rrr GrR ### nuurg aaaHHH ggRr aaraa rRraA rAA MmrRRrRRrrr RaAaa RAAaA RRAAAA srrr ara RRAaaA rrAaaAaaAa rrRAaaa rrraAAAaaaAAa orR GRrr nuurg ahHHhh ### Rrrrrr oorR sRRr Ooo ggGrRRR Rrrrrr rraa ****** RRaa GRrR # GRR aarraa RrAaA Grrr roOO Aaaaa urRrrRr GGrrRr ara raAA GrR araaa Raaa raAa RRaa!!

2023 SYSK | ZY5K Lumberers Medal

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